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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a cleaning service with Homemaid Cleaning is quick and easy. Request a quote here on our website or give us a call anytime. We will get some basic information about your property and give you an estimate for our high-quality house cleaning services. Then, we'll work with you to find a day and time that fits into your schedule. After that, you just sit back, relax, and let us handle the cleaning!

Life happens, and we understand. We kindly ask you to provide us with as much advance notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your cleaning service. Typically, we ask for 24-48 hours notice.

If you won't be present during the cleaning, you can leave a spare key with us, use a lockbox with a code, or arrange for someone you trust to let our cleaners in. Our secure key-handling protocols ensure your property is locked up when we leave.

Please clear surfaces of clutter so that we can access them for cleaning. We will move kitchen counter appliances and a few knickknacks here and there. Extensive clutter and knickknacks will not be cleaned around.

Please consider adding a tidy or decluttering service before your cleaning if you are unable to clear surfaces for our arrival; our sister company Homemaid Home Organization can get your home ready for cleaning services if needed.

Please make sure all toilets have their toilet brush kept nearby. For sanitary purposes, we do not carry toilet brushes in our kits.

Please also make sure that you use plastic trash liners in all trash cans & store extra liners either at the bottom of each can or nearby.

We love pets so long as they don't pose a danger or significant distraction to our techs.
Please do inform us of any pets you have so we can be aware & extra cautious when opening the front door during entry and exit.

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