Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

How are we different from other services?

I’ve been in the cleaning business for 22 years.  I have discovered that the only way to ensure exceptional service is to take exceptional care of my team.  Plain and simple. I enjoy long term relationships with my clients and my team.  We only hire career cleaners. And we enjoy an over 95% retention rate with our clients.  It has everything to do with the way we treat our team members. My team enjoys their work and take pride in being reliable, punctual and friendly.  You will be matched with a solo technician.  She will get to know your home and your needs.  And deliver 100% each service. 

How does your pricing work? Are your prices competitive?

It depends upon the service you need but the majority of our cleaning is flat rate.  We offer hourly service options. This is a good way to go if you are working with a reduced budget, have a rotating checklist or want to customize your clean.  Our pricing is reflective of the value. We are competitive for comparable services.  Hard working, loyal and trustworthy team members should be compensated like professionals.  They are the service and their value is reflective in the price.  We will not be the lowest quote you will receive and we don’t aim to be.  Instead, we aim to be the last cleaning service you will ever need.

What payments do you accept?

We offer convenient credit/debit card payments only.  This is both for your convenience and also one of the many ways we save on overhead in order to spend on what matters most: quality staff.  Your card is saved in our secure payment system. You will be charged the evening after service. No need to worry about leaving cash or checks.

Should I tip my technician?

It’s completely up to you.  While it’s not required, it is appreciated.  If it’s helpful, those who do tip, generally offer 5-20% of the bill each service and/or the equivalent of one service total during the holidays.  One time cleans tend to tip a flat amount instead of a % of the bill.

Can I always have the same technician?

Most of the time, yes.  We understand the benefits of having the same technician each time.  But our primary concern is making sure you have service each and every time.  (We had perfect attendance in 2019, not a single missed clean!) The times you may see a substitute come in are: illness, vacation and during the holidays when the schedule gets just a little crazy!  We do keep detailed notes on your home and needs. Any sub will be equally amazing and will read through your notes so she can deliver the same service you’re used to.

What is heavy duty cleaning?

Sometimes we encounter a home that is outside the normal scope and will require more time than allotted for your flat rate cleaning.  These can be: heavy grease, mold, thick dust, hard water build up, dense animal hair, clutter or cigarette smoke. You can find these in homes that haven’t been cleaned in several months or longer.  It is best to anticipate this ahead of time so that we can come prepared with additional labor, specialty tools and sufficient supplies.  

What happens if we arrive and it is discovered to be outside the normal scope?

We will talk to you before moving forward with the clean.  You will have 2 options:
1)Stay with the time allotted and set priorities.  Our technicians are well trained to give you the most “bang for your buck” by focusing on the areas that are most important to you.
2)Increase the budget.  We can typically give you an approximate amount of time required to complete the job to 100%.
You can choose to increase it any amount you like depending upon your budget and desired results.  We bill additional time at $49/labor hour.

How do you handle entering the home? Do I need to be there?

You do not need to be there to let your cleaner in but we do highly recommend being there at the beginning of your first clean.  This recommendation is for YOU! We think it’s nice to put a face to the fantastic service you are about to receive and it never hurts to give them a tour and discuss any nuances.  For subsequent cleans we ask that you: 
  • Provide a code to the lock or garage or
  • Provide a key

How are keys kept secure?

Our technicians no longer carry keys, instead they are kept at your home in a lockbox that we provide.  This keeps things simple and our efforts focused on providing exceptional service. You have the choice of an over the door handle lockbox or one that you can attach to the side of your home. 

What supplies do you use?

We use Thieves for all purpose cleaning, glass and floors.  We also carry an orange oil solution for wood, Bar Keepers Friend for mineral and soap build up, a de-greaser and an acidic toilet bowl cleaner.  Our technicians are trained on the proper care and use of their supplies and equipment and they are included in your rate. If you have a special request, please let us know!

How many technicians will you send?

For your regular, recurring service we will assign you one solo cleaner.  We don’t want to send a parade of people through your home. This is both for your comfort and an important part of our business model that provides exceptional service each and every time.  (Feel free to ask us why we LOVE solo cleaners!) For deep cleans, heavy duty initial cleans and large homes, we may need to send more than one technician.

I’m a property management company and we’ve never had any luck with cleaners, how are you guys different?

Our owner started her career in 1999 and developed a proprietary process for meeting the very specific needs of tenant turnover cleans.  These cleans can be extremely challenging as they are often “heavy duty” but working with a budget that is considerably lower than what is required for even a standard level of build up.  The typical response to this is to hire low paid, low skilled labor and hope for the best! We understand how to service these with tight budgets and offer a solution that can be set-it-and-forget-it easy.  You have enough to worry about, simply send us your work orders and we will handle it from there. Contact us here if you would like to learn more.

How do i book?

  • Booking instantly online in 60 seconds here: (Book Now Button)
  • Hitting us up on the chat box in the lower corner of any page
  • Call or text: 269-729-6243
  • Email us:

What’s included in my cleaning?

You can view our cleaning checklists here.  If you have special requests you can leave notes in your account after checkout, let us know via chat or contact form or by letting your technician know upon her arrival.  For safety reasons our technicians will not climb a ladder, clean things that would pose a risk to her health or safety or create a clear liability to the company. We do require that all utilities are in working order (lights, heat/AC, water).