Residential Home Cleaning
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A beautiful clean kitchen.A neat luxurious bathroom.A clean ready to enjoy living room.

Enjoy your free time without hassle.

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We treasure your feedback as it's an opportunity for us to improve.

Brandi was very quick to respond and accommodate our tight window for move in cleaning. We were very impressed with their work. The house was absolutely spotless! Homemaid did such a fantastic job on our move in clean we decided to use them for maintenance cleaning as well.

I have been using HomeMaid for over 3 years now and love the whole team! They are professional with an eye to detail. It’s easy to reschedule if needed and Brandi and her team are awesome.

Marike Visser

I’m so impressed with the professionalism and quality of work! I have an older home that tends to get a lot of dust and grime buildup. The cleaning techs did a wonderful job and were very efficient. (...) I’d definitely recommend this business.


Consistent & seamless delivery of a
set-it-and-forget-it maid service.

One time deep clean

Are you preparing for or recovering from an event or need extra help?

Our deep clean service is second to none. Our trained staff has refined deep clean skills over years of experience, resulting in efficiency, attention to detail, and unbeatable thoroughness.

A detailed clean on a leather couch.
A clean and beautiful bathroom.

Recurring Cleaning

You deserve a clean home and more time to spend with the people you love!

Stop spending your weekend cleaning, and finally gain the time you can never get back. A home cleaning service is the best choice for you. It gives you back time with your significant other and your family. We'll match you with one solo technician for the duration of your service with us.

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You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service for a flat rate price. Your technician will stay until the job is complete. Don't worry about leaving a check, as we keep a card on file that makes it all automated for you. We send out email and text reminders for your service.


Have the essential move in or move out clean serviced by an experienced professional.

These can be labor-intensive and require knowledge, the proper tools and techniques and work efficiency — all things that our career technicians can deliver on. Our checklist includes the insides of your oven, fridge, cabinets and drawers! We offer flat rate pricing with a variety of customizations and add ons.

A house clean and ready to move-in.
A simple and beautiful kitchen area.


Want to set your budget and priorities?

Our hourly rate is $59, and you can add hours as much as you'd like, provide a list of priorities, and check as many things off as possible on your list. This is an excellent option if you are working with a budget or have a custom checklist. Our minimum is 3 hours, and you can order one time or set it on a recurring schedule.


Turn tenants over fast!

We are the pro for tenant turnover cleaning. New relationships start with a conversation about your expectations, needs, volume, budget and previous pain points. From there, we create a custom work order specific to your needs. Whether you have a single property or several thousand, we can handle your account and be your set-it-and-forget-it go-to provider.

An impeccable kitchen with a wonderful view.
A lady ready to assist for cleaning services.


Need to hire a full time or in house assistant?

Choose the frequency and tasks according to your needs. Service typically includes cleaning, tidying, errands, food prep, coordinating or managing contractors, guest coordination, travel arrangements, and so much more.

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We match you with one skilled technician who will get to know your needs and anticipate all your requirements. As long as it is safe and appropriate, we will do it. You can order as little or as much labor as you'd like for one hourly rate.

Let us handle the payroll taxes, workman's comp, liability, scheduling and liaison with your technicians so you can focus on everything else. Some limitations and additional fees may apply on some occasions. We are also available for travel.


Are you in need of help beyond your typical clean?

Whether you are a family member of a hoarder wanting to help get their occupied or vacant home in order, a landlord left with a destroyed unit, or any other extreme circumstance, we are there for you.

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You can count on a confidential, compassionate and professional service. We work with a network of complementary providers to handle your situation from start to finish. If required, we will work in conjunction with bio-hazard removal, carpet cleaning, mental health, estate sale and other professionals.

For an emergency, please call us.

A vacant room with brilliant sunshine.
A woman carefully cleaning a screen.


Is your current commercial cleaning company is doing little beyond taking out the trash and the bare minimum in wiping surfaces and cleaning the floors?

You will be amazed to see what Homemaid Cleaning Service can do for your commercial spaces!

Make your life simpler today.


We are fully licensed & insured.

Bonded & Fully Insured

Supplies & Equipment Provided

Selective Vetting Background Checks

Rigorous Training Program

World-Class Customer Service

Our story.

Born in Kalamazoo and cleaning since 1999.

Homemaid Cleaning Service offers an easy-to-book premium option for busy professionals and families in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids area. We only hire career cleaning technicians that are incentivized and trained towards quality and loyalty, translating to a very different service experience for you. We will match you with a solo cleaner who will get to know your home and needs.

You can count on us to be there, on time, for each booking. Our technicians take care of you because we take care of them.

Looking to join the team? We would be happy to get to know you. We are looking to hire in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids area.

Meet the team.

We are happy cleaners. A Happy cleaner means a happy client.

Brandi, the owner of Homemaid in Kalamazoo.



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