Do we get the same technician each time?

While we are solo matched, meaning we send one technician and run a regular schedule….we keep extensive notes, standardized training & heavy vetting allow us to deliver a consistent service even if your technician is sick or on vacation, you can count on your homemaid cleaning each service.

When do we pay for service? 

We place a hold on your card the evening before service, and you are charged the evening after service.

What type of payment do you accept?

You no longer need to worry about remembering to leave payment for service!  We will take your card at the time of booking.  It is kept securely in your account & we charge that after the service is complete.

Am I required to be there for my clean?

No, but we recommend you be there at the beginning of your initial booking for our walkthrough.  It allows us to best set expectations and gives you an opportunity to walk your home with us.  If you cannot be there, we ask that you be available by phone to discuss the findings of our walkthrough and set any expectations with you before moving forward with service.  After your initial clean, we ask that you be available at least by text during your service to communicate any surprise, issues or emergencies with you.

What's a Deep Clean?

Deep cleans are cleans that have more than four weeks of build up in the home.  Most deep cleans start with our Standard Checklist (almost identical to our Recurring Maintenance Checklist)  but require different tools, techniques, and chemicals due to the build-up.  They also typically require 2-3x the amount of time as a maintenance clean.  We recommend but do not require that you start recurring service with a deep clean. It's common for people to order a 1-time deep clean before or after an event, at the change of seasons, or get an occupied home ready to sell (empty homes should request Move In/Out service).  You can choose your checklist for a deep clean; it can be just the standard checklist, or it can include any of our many "extras" such as inside fridge, windows, walls, tidying and much more!

How do I prepare my home for my cleaning?

Please clear surfaces of clutter so that we can access them for cleaning.  We will move kitchen counter appliances and a few knickknacks here and there.  Extensive clutter and knickknacks will not be cleaned around. Please consider adding a tidy or decluttering service before your clean if you are unable to clear surfaces for our arrival; our sister company Homemaid Home Organization can get your home ready for cleaning services if needed.  Please make sure all toilets have their toilet brush kept near. For sanitary purposes, we do not carry toilet brushes in our kits.

Please also make sure that you use plastic trash liners in all trash cans & store extra liners either at the bottom of each can or nearby.  We love pets so long as they don't pose a danger or significant distraction to our techs.
Please do inform us of any pets you have so we can be aware & extra cautious when opening the front door during entry and exit.